Welcome to CrossFit Hideaway

We’re THE Crossfit gym in Lake Park and our mission is to change as many lives as possible, starting with yours, by challenging you to be better each and every day.

It’s no secret, CrossFit is intended to be hard, but that’s the kind of effort it takes to make long lasting and worthwhile changes. The programming is carefully put together to help you to realize and take charge of your big picture goals, appreciate all the small milestones along the way and realize that fitness is a journey, not a destination.

If CrossFit is new to you, it may seem intimidating and tough at first but when you go through our CF Fundamentals beginner course we’ll show you how functional fitness can be fun, safe and rewarding when done in a group and you’re given the right tools and instruction.

We believe in constantly fostering a community of friendly and like-minded individuals who have made the decision to invest 100% into not only their health and fitness but each other. With the help of our coaches and the support from your fellow athletes you will find the road of progress more easily paved.

It is our hope that every time you walk through our doors for that one hour, it’ll make the other 23 hours of your day better because you’ve found your fitness, fun, friends and a family here at Crossfit Hideaway.