Ashley Lee

Starting Crossfit in May 2011, I thought I was in shape – having played tennis for years (how I met my husband), playing multiple intramural sports in college, running, and going to the gym. I was active but looking for more challenge, something less boring than your traditional gym. Finding CF lit a fire and in little less than a year I was able to set a PR in a half marathon by almost 20 minutes. The consistent passion, camaraderie, and mental challenge that I found in the box led me to the Level 1 Certificate course in 2012.

As a trainer, I love watching my athletes PR and break through boundaries. I’m a huge advocate of form over the clock. Additionally, I’ve gained knowledge regarding how pregnant women can continue doing CF through my own journey as a pregnant athlete and trainer. Family is very important and you’ll commonly see my little guy around and even doing some burpees or giving some encouragement (or hugs).

Let’s get to work! Have fun, be safe, listen to your body, and always believe in yourself! You got this!

Ashley Lee