The CrossFit classes are set up as group classes where you will have one or more coaches supervising you. It is designed more as personal training in a group setting. Classes are designed to accommodate all fitness levels, from the couch potato to the advanced athlete. Each class is one hour long and is comprised of a group warm-up, instruction, a mix of skill work, strength and/or Met-cons (Metabolic Conditioning) so that you will obtain a broad broad, general and inclusive fitness set. At some time or another you will be introduced to Kettlebells, plyometrics, calisthenics, Olympic lifting, running and a wide variety of other exercises.


99% of the Crossfit community are not the guy and girls that you might see in the games but moms and dads, young professionals, students, grandparents etc. who are looking to train for longevity in whatever it is they do, whether it be competition, outdoor activities, work or simply playing with their children. No matter where you come to us from, we want to help you to push yourselves because we’re all capable of more than we believe. Know that we will be here to make sure that you do so in a safe and effective manner and always try to each day better than you came in.