Jennifer Schrage

Before I found Crossfit I had typically been active. I cheered in college and once I graduated from Florida State University with my bachelors in Mechanical Engineering in spring of 2010 I moved to North Palm Beach for a job. I started coaching a local Pop Warner cheerleading team, but my personal fitness became stagnant. I was unhappy with how I felt and how I looked. I tried running (super early so no one could see me) and I joined LA Fitness. Everything seemed to be going well, but after about six months I was bored and I stopped going and got lazy again. In fall of 2012, Steve tried talking me into coming in, I was hesitant, but in January 2013 I tried my first WOD and was hooked.

As time went on I fell in love with the barbell. In September 2014, I decided to switch to Olympic Weightlifting (OLY) full time. In my first year competing in OLY, I placed 10th nationally and 3rd in the state in the 69kg weight class. I also set three state records in the 75kg weight class, 83kg for snatch, 107kg for clean and jerk, and a 190kg total.

The more I learned and improved my technique the more I wanted to share with everyone at the gym so in in May 2015 I received my coaching certification in OLY and began coaching the OLY classes at PBA that June. Weightlifting and teaching weightlifting has become a passion of mine every once in a while you might catch me doing a WOD with the class.

I look forward to teaching all of you how to lift proficiently, feel powerful and have fun doing it!

Jennifer Schrage

Olympic Lifting Coach