Shelly Vanderbilt

I have never been a competitive person and no matter how hard my dad pushed baseball on me I wasn’t the athletic or sporty type. Throughout college and afterwards I wanted to stay in shape so I was a big fan of the group classes at the gym – otherwise I wouldn’t push myself enough or even get to the gym to do anything on my own.

Around 2012 I started hearing more and more about CrossFit and seeing people that I knew that were trying it and getting great results and I was very intrigued but admittedly intimidated. I met Steve J. through trivia and found out that he coached at a gym nearby so I finally worked up the nerve to try a class. Steve will tell you that he thought he broke me. I don’t remember much about that first class – I guess I blacked it out – but I did know that it was something I wanted to try again. A few months later I made a New Year’s resolution to CrossFit regularly. It’s probably the only resolution that I’ve stuck to for so long and it’s not just because of the results that I see from my hard work but also the community that we have in the gym.

I recently got my L1 Certification and am excited to help others set and achieve goals they may not have thought possible before.

Shelly Vanderbilt