January 2017-Joanna Holland

Crossfit 1.10.17
January 9, 2017
Crossfit 1.11.17
January 10, 2017
Name: Joanna Maria Holland
DOB: 03/24/1960
Occupation: Substitute Teacher
CrossFitting Since: April, 2016
Why did you choose Crossfit Hideaway: Super friendly, encouraging staff and members!
First Memorable CrossFit Experience: Beating my own time in a 1 mile run!
Favorite WOD: 12 days of Christmas
Favorite Lift: KBDL’s!
Why Do You CrossFit:  It does a body (and mind) good!
Favorite Cheat Meal: Cheese Pizza….yummy….
CrossFit Secret: I once cried, more like sobbed, doing burpees….
On Rest Days: I go paddleboarding or scuba diving. No rest for the weary!
What Can’t You Live Without: Coffee in the morning! 
Favorite Vacation Spot: The Blue Holes of the Bahamas….dreamy…..

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