Lexi Harrington

I view my mat as a sacred space where I go to recenter myself. Through teaching, I hope to guide others in experiencing the joy, self discovery and healing that yoga has brought to my life. My aim is to motivate students to find their edge while they strengthen and honor their bodies. Always in the forefront of my mind is the phenomenon of how my yoga practice carries off of the mat and brings a new, brighter perspective to life for me. I truly believe that breathing and maintaining mental stillness through challenging poses teaches us to move through life with more freedom and peace. Yoga teaches me to maintain the same mental stillness in challenging life situations that I work to maintain in difficult poses during practice.

I moved to Florida several years ago from Massachusetts. At that time, I’d felt unclear about where I was going in life. I also felt that I didn’t know myself in the way that I wanted to. A friend invited me to a Vinyasa yoga class and I could not believe how incredible I felt when class was over. The poses, the teacher and her message, the Sanskrit, the physical intensity- all of it resonated deeply with me. I was awed and in love, and could not stop going back to the studio for more class.

I studied with Karen Burnett and Lizzy Moore at Yoga Palm Beach to obtain my teaching license. Yoga has taught me to find peace within myself and to let go of worries and stress. It has allowed me to stop trying to control everything around me and to ‘go with the flow’. I also truly believe that yoga is a practice of self study, allowing us to know ourselves more fully and deeply as we connect to something greater than ourselves.

I am currently blessed to work with many different students in many different settings which include a gym, a yoga studio, a medical treatment center and Florida Atlantic University, among others.

Lexi Harrington

Yoga Instructor