Steven Jenkins

Fitness has always been a part of my life as I played basketball, football, ran track, and lifted weights all the way up through college. After graduating with a degree in Recreation, Parks and Tourism from the University of Florida I bounced around trying to figure out how to make the best use of my degree when I stumbled onto CrossFit while trying to stay fit.

My CrossFit introduction is the typical one of me trying to show that i can do anything that was thrown at me and I was quickly put in my place. I saw a workout on the board that looked simple enough and 15min later I was wondering how in the world could such a short workout like that make me feel so terrible but awesome at the same time. I came back for more the next day and many more days after that until about one year later I realized that coaching others in fitness and bettering themselves was the passion I wanted to pursue as a career.

In 2012, I received my Crossfit Level 1 training and was eager to start coaching athletes of my own. Two years into coaching i took over ownership of CF Hideaway and since then, I’ve dedicated myself to each and everyone of my athletes, knowing every name that comes through my doors and helping them to achieve the goals that they set forth for themselves. CF Hideaway is my box and my home and I want my athletes to see this box as their home away from home where they can go to get away and get prepared for the physical and mental rigors of life.

I truly love what I do and I care about who I do it for!

Steven Jenkins

Head Coach/Owner