We believe that Crossfit and Yoga are the yin and yang of the fitness world. As athletes we put our bodies through a lot in CrossFit, but unfortunately, we don’t put enough time into the mobility necessary to get us to move well and the recovery necessary to continue this strenuous work. This is where yoga comes in… What to expect?
  • Yoga with Lexi will focus on stretching and mobility to get into the joints and connective tissue and create greater ROM (Range of Motion).
  • You will experience many forward folds, hip openers, and shoulder openers (great for athletes).
  • This practice is not only challenging physically but also mentally as your goal is to keep your mind in the present, the here and now.
  • You’ll get a mix of some flow (Vinyasa) to warm the body up and holds (Yin) really feeling your body and getting into those joints through extended holds
How will this benefit my CrossFit performance?
  • Yoga will help raise your body awareness and sharpen your ability to tell your body what to do
    • For example: When you know that you need to shrug harder on your clean, you can tell your body to do it, and it will respond.
  • Yoga will increase the mobility in shoulders, hips, ankles and lower back
    • New PRs and less pain and discomfort when performing lifts.
  • Yoga will help you become more proficient in stamina, strength, balance, coordination and flexibility
  • Tight muscles can limit movement, wherever it occurs.  Yoga stretches and lengthens the tight muscles
Yoga teaches you how to breath and focus, which will help in all aspects of your life